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5. black facet round, 5 or 6mm, str
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abalone disc 3 inch (but shelf)

Lovely discs of iridescent abalone shell about 3 inches in diameter. The back is the rough outside of the shell. $15 each.

Our Price: $15.00     
abalone disc 3 inch

abalone disc 7/8 inch (but shelf)

Iridescent abalone shell about 7/8 inch in diameter. $1.50 each.

Our Price: $1.50     
abalone disc 7/8 inch

abalone-ridge (but shelf)

The piece of the abalone shell with all the holes in it. Iridescent colors on one side, natural shell on the other. Piece is around 90-100mm by 25-30mm, with 3 or 4 natural holes. $5 each piece

List Price: $5.00
Our Price: $4.00
You Save: $1.00 (20%)

black lip shell, 2-2 1/2 inch (K area)

Beautiful black lip shells from the Phillipines, about 2 - 2 1/2 inches. Iridescent white with darker edge on the inside, iridescent tans on the outside. NO HOLE.

Our Price: $2.50     
black lip shell, 2-2 1/2 inch

large oval shell (but shelf)

Nice large oval shell piece with oval hole, about 2 1/2 x 5 inches. Some iridescence, brownish cast to color. $15 each.

Our Price: $15.00     
large oval shell

mother of pearl "shards", 10x20x40, ea (but shelf)

Iridescent mother of pearl pieces, more or less triangular, around 10x20x40mm. $4 each.

Our Price: $4.00     
mother of pearl

mother of pearl leaf, palmate, 2 pcs (table)

Iridescent mother of pearl palmate leaf, about 25x35mm. $10 per pair (2 pieces).

Our Price: $10.00     
mother of pearl leaf, palmate, 2 pcs

mother of pearl pieces, small, pound (K area 01400)

Iridescent mother of pearl and abalone pieces, small, in the 5-10mm range, irregular. $35 for a pound.

Our Price: $35.00     
mother of pearl pieces, small, pound

puka shell necklace, 16 inch, ea (AC3,4 00600)

Traditional puka shell necklace, 16 inches long, about 8mm in diameter, with gold color barrel clasp, strung on nylon fishing line. $2 each.

Our Price: $2.00     
puka shell necklace, 16 inch, ea

shell large (but shelf)

Medium abalone shells with the outside removed (I think) so they are are lovely iridescent white on both sides. From the Phillipines. About 90mm by 45mm. $8 each.

Our Price: $8.00     
shell large

shell medium (but shelf)

Assorted shells from the Phillipines. 1) slice of tan and white whelk shell; 2) conical brown and white patterned shell; or 3) small abalone shells with the outside removed. $5 each.

Our Price: $5.00     
shell medium

shell tubes, 40-50mm, ea (but shelf)

White shell tubes, 40-50mm, iridescent on the outside, shell white inside. The tube curves through a right angle. Tube diameter is between 20-30mm, a bit larger on one end than the other. The small center piece is less than 10mm across. $3 each.

Our Price: $3.00     
shell tubes, 40-50mm, ea

shell, cameo, star, 2 inch (table)

5 pointed star cut from the shell that is used to make shell cameos. About 2 inches across. $5 each. Limited stock.

Our Price: $5.00     
shell, cameo, star, 2 inch

shell, small, assortment (but shelf)

Assorted small shells ranging in size from 1/4 inch to 1 1/4 inch (mostly the smaller size). Most are shades of white and tan. $20 per pound.

Our Price: $20.00     
shell, small, assortment

white shell heishi, 5mm, str (AB03)

White shell heishi, about 5mm in diameter. $3 for a strand of about 16 inches.

Our Price: $3.00     
white shell heishi, 5mm, str

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